Our Story

A Brief History

Louise got started in the consumer tradeshow industry in 1991 – taking a sales position with the Edmonton Woman’s Show that allowed her to balance work and raising a family. She purchased it and took on the challenge of turning the Show around in 1993.

Since then, she has started or acquired several shows, bringing us to a total of five successful consumer trade shows per year – the Edmonton Pet Expo, the Mom, Pop & Tots Fair, the Spring & Fall Edmonton Woman’s Shows, and the Edmonton Ski & Snowboard Show.

Our Strengths

Family Productions Inc. is one of the last remaining independent consumer tradeshow producers in Canada. We are a small team who is able to move lightning quick as we are guided by one sole proprietor, Louise Reinich (oh… and our overlord Draven, the big black dog!). We might not be the biggest frog in the pond, but we work just as hard (or often even harder) as the bigger frogs.

Smarts: We’ve been at this for 25 years and we’ve learned a lot of right ways and a lot of wrong ways to do things! We take this know-how and use it to create the best experience for our exhibitors and attendees. We know what show business takes, and our problem-solving abilities allow us to ensure smooth sailing for all, no matter what comes up. We thoroughly know our audiences and make sure we’re speaking their language.

Knowing our audiences: With each of our events we know who we’re talking to, and we’ve done the work to back it up. Our exit surveys ask smart questions that provide us with deep insights into who they are and what makes them tick. This allows us to create a show truly tailored for each targeted audience – meaning you don’t have to sift through the chaff to get to the wheat. Reach out to our sales people if you’d like to know more!

Organization: The amount of work that goes into putting on large consumer tradeshows is staggering – this is our passion, and we love every moment of it! Events at this scale have a lot of logistics, and we have honed our organizational skills, and we run some of the most efficient and organized move-ins and move-outs in Canada! Huge thanks to all of our clients who point this out on a regular basis! It makes our hearts sing! Like the elusive bear from our logo, we do a lot of work behind the scenes, and don’t often take the time to toot our own horns, so TOOT TOOT!

Safety Conscious: We take safety seriously. A lot of time and effort goes into everything from our floorplan design to fire safety to exhibitor rules and regulations. Ever wonder why we don’t have aisle carpet at out shows? It’s the number one tripping hazard. Ever wonder why we ask Pet Expo attendees to leave their pets at home? To ensure the safety of all animals and people present. Adding thousands of pets to an event that brings in 14,000+ people is a recipe for stressed out people and pets.

Masters of Relationships: What is the number one benefit of doing a consumer tradeshow? Building relationships with your customers! For us, this isn’t just something limited to our events, it’s how we run our whole business! We believe in building meaningful relationships with everyone who books into one of our shows, as well as local media, suppliers and event centres (and every dog and cat we see!). Our continuing relations with the ever-changing media over the past 23 years are a testament to that. Our relational mindset, and our commitment to honesty and integrity, keeps our focus on what’s best for the community.

Why the bear?

The bear symbolizes the values of family, strong relationships, and fierce loyalty. These core values drive us at Family Productions Inc. – as an entity and as individuals. The grizzly in particular is a powerful shaping force within its surroundings, and yet is elusive. Much like that, a lot of our work is behind the scenes – nurturing and protecting our clients, promoting our events with confidence and authority, and striving for strong connections.

Growing up in the remote Northern wilderness, bears were Louise’s biggest fear. She would shake in awe and fear when seeing bears. Years later, as she came face to face with a bear, she let go of her childhood fears. That feeling came back when she took on buying the Edmonton Woman’s Show and started her business. The lesson instilled within her is that you don’t need to carry your fears with you anymore.

Family Productions Inc.

What’s in a Name?

The name Family Productions Inc. was born out of Northern Alberta – a place where everybody knows everybody and there’s a strong sense of community, providing an extended family of sorts. Family Productions Inc. grew into its name and became a family-run business in 2002, when Louise’s daughter Augusta burst onto the scene. Louise’s husband Klaus and big black dog Draven can also be found in their respective offices, along with the rest of the team (who are all considered family!).

Building strong relationships are important in every aspect of life – with family, friends, and business associates. Family Productions Inc. creates meaningful and lasting relationships with our exhibitors, sponsors, and visitors, and in a sense brings them all in to be part of the family!

Our Staff

Louise Reinich

CEO/Show Producer

The creator of Family Productions Inc., and the ‘Mama Bear’ of the bunch! She is a sales extraordinaire – she could sell ice cream in a deep freeze, but has the passion and sense to only sell you what fits. Her success in business is driven by her devotion to people and relationships. She has the spirit of a child – she is silly, and finds laughter in all places. According to staff, she is funny even when she’s not trying to be. She is also the keeper of the Dray.

Augusta Reinich

Assistant Show Producer

The one-stop knowledge shop – “if you need to know, ask Augusta.” She is the memory bank of our organization. Extremely detail-oriented, she knows everything and makes sure it all gets done! Augusta takes care of all the media buys for our shows. She knows a lot about sloths; more than any one person would ever need to.

Klaus Reinich


Funny person with no sense of humor. Klaus can be found locked away in his office with the numbers. He is our impromptu IT guy, builder, mechanic, AC/heating person, and anything else that requires knowledge of how something works or is made. He has trouble hearing female voices, works in an office entirely composed of females. Klaus “doesn’t even like sweets”, yet pilfers from Jackie’s candy stash regularly.

Draven – In Memoriam

Office Dog

Half Akita, all man. Dray is delightfully handsome and brilliantly beautiful –the Feast-Your-Eyes of the office. He knows who to go to for the best butt scratches, and has body image issues that makes it hard for him to take the first step through an open door.