Our Story

Family Productions Inc. started as a solution to a problem many years ago. In the early 90’s Louise Reinich found herself with a dilemma on her hands that many women face – how do you balance work with raising children? The answer came in the form of a commission sales position with the Edmonton Woman’s Show that allowed Reinich to work partially from home.

Shortly after starting with the Edmonton Woman’s Show, Reinich realized that she had a passion for this consumer tradeshow. Although the Show was not doing well in those days, she saw the potential that existed. When word got out that the Show was up for sale, Reinich jumped on the opportunity to take it on, and made the commitment to build it into what she had long envisioned.

20 years later, and the Edmonton Woman’s Show is still going strong. So strong in fact, that there have been two Shows each year since 1996. There have been hundreds of colourful stories of success from exhibitors, sponsors and attendees that have come out of the Show. Ask anyone who has attended a few times and they will be able to tell you their favourite feature, celebrity, ad campaign, and favourite moment from the Edmonton Woman’s Show. It has become a celebration of women – a gathering, a community, an entity of its own.

But that’s only the history of the Edmonton Woman’s Show. Along the way Reinich added various tradeshows that struck a vision in her mind. The Edmonton Ski & Snowboard Show was a Reinich original, started in 2000 with the tremendous help and support of the ski and snowboard community. The Pet Expo has done a 360 and has become one of the premiere animal events since Family Productions Inc. took it over in 2001. The Mom, Pop, & Tots Fair has been a staple for families with young children for over a decade, with FPI producing it since 2000. With all of these tradeshows, Family Productions Inc. was born in 1998.

If you do the math, that is five tradeshows per year. Break it down further, and you’ve got over 40,600 tradeshow attendees, thousands of exhibitors, dozens of sponsors, well over $730,000 worth of advertising, and a heck of a lot of fun per year! Multiply that by Twenty years, and that’s a whole lot of experience in the tradeshow industry. You can bet money that the folks at Family Productions Inc. have seen and heard just about everything under the sun when it comes to tradeshows. Numbers aside, what this all means is a wealth of knowledge and success backing you when you do a Family Productions Inc. tradeshow.

The inspiration for the name came from Reinich’s northern Alberta upbringing. Northern Alberta is a place where everybody knows everybody else. The strong sense of community provided a sort of extended family – even if it was not a biological one – and the ways of the North have always stuck in Reinich’s mind. Like a self-fulfilling prophecy, Family Productions Inc. has become a family-run business, with daughter Augusta joining in 2002. These days you can find Reinich’s son Dillon and husband Klaus in the office as well as the rest of the team, who are all also considered family members. Building strong relationships are important in every aspect of life, whether it is with family, friends, or business associates. Family Productions Inc. concentrates on creating meaningful and lasting relationships with its exhibitors, sponsors, and visitors, and in a sense brings them all in to be part of the family!


Our Staff

Louise Reinich

CEO/Show Producer

The creator of Family Productions Inc., and the ‘Mama Bear’ of the bunch! She is a sales extraordinaire – she could sell ice cream in a deep freeze, but has the passion and sense to only sell you what fits. Her success in business is driven by her devotion to people and relationships. She has the spirit of a child – she is silly, and finds laughter in all places. According to staff, she is funny even when she’s not trying to be. She is also the keeper of the Dray.

Augusta Reinich

Assistant Show Producer

The one-stop knowledge shop – “if you need to know, ask Augusta.” She is the memory bank of our organization. Extremely detail-oriented, she knows everything and makes sure it all gets done! Augusta takes care of all the media buys for our shows. She knows a lot about sloths; more than any one person would ever need to.

Klaus Reinich


Funny person with no sense of humor. Klaus can be found locked away in his office with the numbers. He is our impromptu IT guy, builder, mechanic, AC/heating person, and anything else that requires knowledge of how something works or is made. He has trouble hearing female voices, works in an office entirely composed of females. Klaus “doesn’t even like sweets”, yet pilfers from Jackie’s candy stash regularly.

Jackie Martial

Administrative Assistant

Quick as a bunny at completing tasks and a master at deciphering the vague. Jackie is the wizard of websites and proposals. She is also the chocolate aficionado of the office – a squirrel’s stash of goodies can be found around her. She harnesses the awesome power of flowers on her clothes to brighten everyone’s day. She’s learning to eat proper foods.

Morgan Latimer

Administrative Assistant

As our front desk receptionist, Morgan is the first person Dray passes in the morning. She is the first person you will encounter at Family Productions Inc. whether stepping into the office or calling in by phone! She is quiet, because she is always thinking. She can ride a bike in high heels, and apparently makes a mean pizza.

Colleen Sterling

Sales Representative

Domestic diva and people person, her supply of cute ferret pictures is only outpaced by her call volume. Calm and easygoing with a great laugh, Colleen is always laughing and has a ‘go-with-the flow’ personality. She is also the bringer of many delicious treats for the office!


Office Dog

Half Akita, all man. Dray is delightfully handsome and brilliantly beautiful –the Feast-Your-Eyes of the office. He knows who to go to for the best butt scratches, and has body image issues that makes it hard for him to take the first step through an open door.


Office Puppy

The tiniest team member. Linkin loves everyone and thinks everything is super exciting!! He shamelessly walks around with no clothes on, and is under the impression that everything belongs in his mouth, where he can chew it. Draven is teaching him how to be a professional office dog.